Mind Eraser 7"
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YB-25 Set To Explode 7"/MCD
YB-4 Lifes Halt "We Sold Our Souls For Hardcore" 7" RE-RELEASE
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YB-27 Justice "Escapades" LP
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YB-26 Fired Up "When The Lights Go Out" 7"
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YB-24 Lion of Judah"Universal Peace" LP/CD
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YB-23 Iron Age "Constant Struggle" LP/CD

Lights Out
Part of the San Francisco contingent, Lights Out play fast, pissed hardcore. With a demo, an EP and a bunch of comp songs under their belts, Lights Out will be touring with Desperate Measures this summer.

Telling Quote: "Get over yourself and open your eyes. Get a clue and recognize!"

Connor: vocals
Andrew: guitar
Kevin: bass
James: guitar
Aaron: drums

site: andrew.muchgold.com
Our Turn
San Francisco's Our Turn have been together since early 2003 and have a demo entitled "Step Aside" (now available on vinyl) plus a couple of compilation songs under their belts. Currently, they are recording their debut 7"/MCD for Youngblood. Our Turn hope to tour the East Coast this summer after they play this year's Posi Numbers.

Telling quote: "I don't want to reinvent the wheel. This may be simple, but at least it's real."

Neck: vocals
Josh: guitar
Carlos: bass
Issac: drums
Far From Breaking
Far From Breaking from Texas play with a level of energy that rivals that of bands like Chain Of Strength and Youth Of Today. Anyone who has seen Far From Breaking's live show knows that this band puts 100% into their brand of STRAIGHT EDGE hardcore. It's all about playing with your hood up in 110-degree weather. With a few demos and a 7" EP entitled "Made My Choice" released on Third Party Records under their belts, Far From Breaking are really coming into their own. Their newest EP on Youngblood is their best effort yet. Oh yeah, Ryan from Desperate Measures says Far From Breaking is their brother band.

Jason: vocals
Jason: guitar
Nate: guitar
Jay: drums
Darrell: bass

site: www.farfrombreaking.com

Desperate Measures
Coming straight outta the Mosh Mansion is Desperate Measures from Maryland. Formed in Summer 2001 from the ashes of Gamewinner and No Justice, they have released a demo and the “It’s On Your Hands” 7”/MCD. Their music has been compared to Side By Side and with good reason. Currently they are writing new songs, playing out, and planning a winter tour.

Telling quote: “Your family is there for you. Seize the moment before it’s through. Take advantage of the moments spent, one day you’ll see how much it meant.”

Ryan: vocals
Minny Stigma: bass
Gene: drums
Duff: guitar

site: www.desperate-measures.net

My Luck
Why the name My Luck? One day Clif and Todd Jones were discussing the terrible luck that Clif seems to have and Clif said something to the effect of “I should name the band My Luck because I have shitty luck”. Their June 2002 tour saw car crashes, band members being arrested for no good reason and god knows what else. To date they have released a demo, the “Is Frozen” 7” and a split CD on Thorp records with The Final Plan.

Telling quote: “Give me my vinyl fix!”

Clif: vocals
Darrell: drums
Angell: guitar
Tennessee: bass

Worn Thin
Worn Thin was first formed in the Washington D.C. area between late 1999 and early 2000. Early on there was a revolving door of band members, playing random shows here and there but never establishing a consistent line-up. In May of 2001 they recorded a 5 song self titled 7" for MALFUNCTION RECORDS and soon after formed its strongest line-up yet. Playing extensively on the east coast and selling out of their s/t 7" they began to establish themselves as a band. Merging the elements of aggression and melody Worn Thin has often been compared to Turning Point and Verbal Assault. They have just finished recording a six song 7" on YOUNGBLOOD RECORDS and have plans to tour as much as possible in the upcoming year.

Jeff: guitar
Sean: drums
Tad: bass
Brad: guitar
Carlos: vocals

site: www.wornthin.net

Lifes Halt
Lifes Halt were an LA Hardcore band formed in late 1998 during one of the best periods of Southern California hardcore when it was not uncommon to see Lifes Halt, Carry On, and No Reply all on the same bill. Lifes Halt released a self titled demo, the "We Sold Our Souls For Hardcore" EP, a split 7" with No Reply, a split LP with What Happens Next, and a ton of compilation tracks. Sadly, the Haltamaniacs played their last show in LA in November 2001. We feel that "We Sold Our Souls" is the best record Youngblood has released to date as well as one of the best records of the 90s.

Telling Quote: "Get In The Pit Motherfucker!"

Ernie: vocals
Felix: bass:
Chuck: guitar
Jon: guitar
Nole: drums

Knock Down
Knock Down was a West Chester, PA Straight Edge band that existed from January to November 2001. During their short existence, they played a handful of shows including Posi Numbers 2001, as well as a tour with No Warning. This band featured members of Shark Attack, Intention, and The Noise. Currently Zach Attack is playing bass for No Warning.

Telling quote: "Step Off!"

Straight Tait: bass
Zach Attack: vocals
Hard Tard: drums
John Williams: guitar