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World Unfolds

It is with great pride we announce that the Mind Eraser “The Prodigal Son Brings Death” 7″ EP is out now! Nearly two years in the making and just in time for the year’s end.

Our exclusive distributor REVHQ has been working overtime to get this record out to stores and other distros so look for it.

The digital version is also available now:

YB-29: Mind Eraser “The Prodigal Son Brings Death”
Click here for this album:
Mind Eraser - The Prodigal Son Brings Death - World Unfolds

Track Listing for “The Prodigal Son Brings Death” 7″/Digital:
01. World Unfolds
02. Manipulate
03. Spear
04. Cheap Disguise
05. Baggage
06. Insertion
07. Withdrawal Symptoms
08. Constant Victim
09. Finished
10. The Prodigal Son Brings Death

That Was Crazy

Today we got a ton of orders for the Mind Eraser 7″ so we’ve pulled it from the store so we don’t get in too deep with pre-orders. We’re going to start plowing through these and once they’re shipped we’ll put this back up in store.

The Clear and Black vinyl copies are not sold out. We’ll have them up again so stay tuned. Our exclusive REVHQ will have copies in the next two weeks. Thanks for all of the support.

Store Re-Opening December 4th

We will be re-opening our online store December 4th at 12:00 PM EST. If you’ve been waiting to pre-order Mind Eraser “The Prodigal Son Brings Death” 7″, you’ll want to visit the online store promptly at noon!

This is what we’ll have new to the store on Thursday:

  • Mind Eraser “The Prodigal Son Brings Death” 7″ Pre-Order.
  • Police & Thieves “Amor y Guerra” CD
  • Police & Thieves “Amor y Guerra” 7″/CD Package Deal
  • Iron Age “Constant Struggle” LP Third Pressing on Clear Vinyl
  • Fired Up “When The Lights Go Out” 7″ Third Press, Yellow Vinyl ltd to 100
  • New t-shirt designs for Fired Up, Coptic Times, Police & Thieves, Youngblood Records

and a few other goodies.

P.S. Fired Up “Doomed To Repeat” 7″ is still in production but has been marred by numerous delays. Expect it to be released early in the New Year. It’ll be worth the wait!

Police & Thieves “Amor y Guerra” CD

The CD version of “Amor y Guerra” is available now through REVHQ and many other fine music distros and retailers.

This 13 song CD collects all of Police & Thieves recorded works to-date: “Amor y Guerra” EP, “S/T” EP, unreleased tracks and the 2005 Demo. All meticulously compiled and mastered by West West Side Mastering. We will have a special package deal for this CD once our online store re-launches.

Two Out-Of-Print Releases On iTunes

Our two most underrated records live on digitally.

YB-11: My Luck “Is Frozen”

Click here for this album:
My Luck - ...Is Frozen - Antarctica

YB-22: Worn Thin “Long Road Ahead” LP

Click here for this album:
Worn Thin - Long Road Ahead - We're All We've Got

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