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Youngblood Welcomes DC’s True Head

We are thrilled to welcome DC’s True Head to Youngblood Records!

What initially started as a studio project in early 2012 between Ahron Reinhard (Lion of Judah) and Israel Soriano (The First Step) has grown into a fully-formed band.

Forlorn and powerful, True Head exhibits a restrained yet energetic approach. Their music sounds just like a late August afternoon at the 1328 Newton Street House. Warm and hazy from the summer days passed, awaiting the changes around the bend.

The debut release for True Head will be an eponymous 6 song 12″ EP masterfully recorded by the legendary Don Zientara of Inner Ear Studios. Due out early 2013, we will have a special pre-press, ltd to 50 copies, available at Youngblood Showcase 2012.

Listen to “Bad Baby” from the 12″ EP:

“Behind your eyes
And beneath disguise
Where your true head lies”

Showcase 2012 Soon!


Holy shit I just realized I haven’t done a news update since December, 2011! We have some new releases in the works so check back soon. 2nd Press of No Tolerance “No Remorse, No Tolerance” 7″ coming next month.